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Healthcare IT security Consultant :: PACS RIS Teleradiology solution provider :: Pune India

  Venkat N :   Healthcare  IT security Consultant Ph.9922413520 Proven success in systems optimization and Strategic IT solutions Work Experience: Total 25 Years experience in IT with strong experience managing server infrastructures and Data center operations across   Linux, Windows platforms. Effectively plan, Install, configure and optimize IT infrastructures to achieve high availability and performance. Skilled problem identify and troubleshoot for comfortable managing systems, projects and teams in a range of IT environments. Customised software application development.  Highlights of IT skills:- Servers Installation, Configuration & Upgrading (Win/Linux) PACS, Teleradiology solution, Cybersecurity Cloud computing Mailing Solution Intranet/Internet Cluster & High availability Servers Database Administration MS-SQL/MySql LAN/WAN/SD-WAN Administration Access any application securely through firewalled-SD-WAN   Iscsi Cloud Storage – Accessible from

Managed Services - IT Services - Server Management - SDWAN-H - Teleradiology PACS VNA Cloud Storage :: PUNE INDIA

 * Only one Solution for Teleradiology : SD-WAN for healthcare (SD-WAN-H) * For protect your DICOM Images /PACS servers with our specialised product SD-WAN, Its specially designed for healthcare images & Internal sensitive data protection. All the work flow will be in encrypted format. And working remote Radiologists & technicians in the same subnet. As well as Diagnosis center’s & modalities in the same subnet. *No any firewall settings, No port forwardings & No hospital IT headache.* SD-WAN-H works as dicom router / receiver & additional capability of direct query retrieval to your all CT/MRI/CR modalities. For more security information, make a call we are always for you. *Ph. 9922413520 – N.Venkat* – PACS/Security consultant & Python developer.

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  Make sure all of your servers are secure, whether they are cloud or local. We work in the field of IT services, server management, and IT consulting. Our primary area of concentration is server security. We have been maintaining 50+ teleradiology servers for the past 16 years. Any teleradiology servers have not yet been compromised. Security is a specialty area for us. With these security considerations in mind, the SDWAN-H solution was introduced. Particularly for establishing a connection between Diagnostic Centers and PACS/Teleradiology Servers without the need of STATIC IP port forwarding . End-to-end encryption is used in diagnostic center communications with PACS servers. there is no network dataflow in clear text. Because of this, no one is able to sniff your data from network traffic. Despite being web-based, it is extremely useful for SAP, ERP, CRM, Tally, Focus, Mailing, Radio, CAD, CR, CT, MR, HIS, RIS, PACS, VNA, and Cloud. The majority of our services will be required in