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SDWAN R-App's :: New Trend in Email Solutions :: R-App's :: Mailing Solution

  * R-App's :: Mailing Solution * __________________________________________________________ 🌐 **SDWAN R-App's: New Trend in Email Solutions!** Explore the latest trend in email solutions with SDWAN R-App's! Say goodbye to webmail and hello to secure, web-based access to MSOutlook from anywhere, anytime. With our SDWAN R-App's , enjoy enhanced security and remote policy control for server-based apps. Access installed MSOutlook on any device with ease. 🔒 ** Enhanced Security **: No data loss, easy backup of the entire Outlook server with all user data. 📋 ** Policy-Based Access ** : Tailor access policies to your needs. ✉️ ** Complete Mailing Solution **: Experience a seamless mailing solution with R-Apps technology. 🚀 ** No Configuration Hassle **: Say goodbye to configuration headaches. 🤐 ** Enhanced Privacy ** : Keep your first page private; assign users access to R-App's MS Outlook App while maintaining the familiar look and feel. 🌟 ** Easy and Efficient **