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Venkat Nukala : IT Security Consultant Ph. 9922413520 is on this side. We are pleased to provide our IT Services to your distinguished firm. The majority of the offerings are adaptable and affordable. For your convenience, we offer our services as a Monthly Maintenance contract.  Protect your in-house servers / IDC / cloud / hosted servers. Total of 25 years of IT expertise, with extensive knowledge in managing server infrastructures and data centre operations on Linux and Windows platforms. Proven success in systems optimization and Strategic IT solutions Plan, install, configure, and optimise IT infrastructures effectively for maximum availability and performance. Capable of identifying and troubleshooting problems in order to manage systems, projects, and teams in a variety of IT contexts. Highlights of IT abilities / IN CONSULTANCY: Servers Installation, Configuration Maintenance & Up-gradation LAN/WAN/SD-WAN Administration IT-Infra Designing and customizing technological s

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Ransomware cyber attack & Solution                 The increasing frequency and size of Ransomware attacks are becoming a huge concern for thousands of organizations globally. All over the world, threat actors take advantage of security vulnerabilities and encrypt data belonging to all sorts of organizations: from private businesses to healthcare facilities and governments. According to a study conducted by Cloudwards, in 2021, 37% of all businesses and organizations were hit by Ransomware and out of all, 32% paid the Ransom but recovered only 65% of their data. The aforementioned difficulties and the current state of healthcare businesses ' IT problems were both examined. With our 25 years of experience in the IT sector, particularly with regards to cloud server security, we are prepared to assist the organizations'. We now provide IT consulting, security, and services. The majority of services are necessary for all organizations. 1         Examination of existing