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🌐 **SDWAN R-App's: New Trend in Email Solutions!**

Explore the latest trend in email solutions with SDWAN R-App's! Say goodbye to webmail and hello to secure, web-based access to MSOutlook from anywhere, anytime. With our SDWAN R-App's, enjoy enhanced security and remote policy control for server-based apps. Access installed MSOutlook on any device with ease.

πŸ”’ **Enhanced Security**: No data loss, easy backup of the entire Outlook server with all user data.

πŸ“‹ **Policy-Based Access**: Tailor access policies to your needs.

✉️ **Complete Mailing Solution**: Experience a seamless mailing solution with R-Apps technology.

πŸš€ **No Configuration Hassle**: Say goodbye to configuration headaches.

🀐 **Enhanced Privacy**: Keep your first page private; assign users access to R-App's MS Outlook App while maintaining the familiar look and feel.

🌟 **Easy and Efficient**: Enjoy a user-friendly experience and many more advantages.

πŸš€**Easy Migration**: Seamlessly switch from your current email provider with R-App's hassle-free migration

🀐 **No Cloud Dependency**: Keep your mailbox data on your office premises, eliminating the need for cloud providers.

πŸ“‹ **Simplified Data Management**: Say goodbye to IT headaches with automated backups for all user (.pst) data.

✉️**Local Outlook Access**: Access users' mailboxes through locally installed MSOutlook for maximum convenience.converts to Web-Based Outlook.

🌟**Full MSOutlook Features**: Enjoy all MSOutlook features on R-Apps web, ensuring a seamless transition.

🀐**Centralized Mailbox Management**: Effortlessly manage user-wise mailboxes with centralized (.pst) storage. Easy go for back-up of all users .pst in a single go.

πŸ“‹**Work Style Transformation**: R-App's redefines your work style with enhanced security and remote accessibility.

πŸš€**Global Infrastructure**: Experience the power of one solution that transforms your local infrastructure into a global resource.

For further details, reach out to us on WhatsApp at +91 9922413520. Don't miss out on this cutting-edge email solution!

If you need IT-Security services & Managed IT services, you may contact on +91 9922413520
Mailing Solution at the low cost & premise (Intranet) Mailing solution, Webmail - Mailbox supports upto 200GB of each email address capability.


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